Backgammon pieces and accessories

Striving for perfection means going beyond the aesthetics, which is why equal consideration is given to the feel of the individual playing pieces.

The perfectly weighted diameter checkers are covered in leather from the same calfskin used for the game board and finished with a finely finished Nickel cuff.

Each shaker cup is crafted with the same precise art of pairing leather as the board, giving seamless joints.

Four precision-made ball-cornered dice to provide a perfect balanced roll, in the discerning players favoured size of 14.5mm.


Every Andrew Pinkus backgammon board comes complete with 30 checkers, two shaker cups, four ball-cornered dice and a leather covered doubling cube.



Accessories are also available to purchase separately, with all items are custom made to order.


Checker Sets

15 Tournament Size Board Checkers – £520
Weight (each checker): 28g
Diameter: 44.5mm
Height: 10mm

15 Standard Size Board Checker – £480
Weight (each checker): 25g
Diameter: 38mm
Height: 8mm



Gaming Cubes

Tournament Size – £265
Weight: 86g
Size: 44.5mm square

Standard Size – £220
Weight: 30g
Size: 29mm



Dice Cups

Tournament Size – £316
Height: 92mm
Width: 50mm
Weight: 46g

Standard Size – £316
Height: 95mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 40g